How to Upload items in Shop

Log in to your Colour In Your Life Account, by selecting the “Login” option from the menu located at the top right of the page.

Once logged in you will need to go to your shop by selecting “My Shop” from the “Account” drop down menu located at the top right of the page.

From your Shop Information screen you need to click on “Add New Product”. (The menu here appears to look like one big word and out IT Team are working on improving this.)

This will take you to the Add New Product Screen

In the Product Name Field enter the title of your Item

In the Text field below this enter a description of your work. The more information the better for a buyer. You can also add a hyperlink in the text field by selecting the hyperlink button.

Under the Categories Heading choose as many categories that a relevant to your item by checking the tick boxes.

Under the Product Tags Heading add as many relevant tags to your item. This helps when users are making internet searches. Use tag words that you would enter into a search engine if looking to buy this piece of art.

In the General Tab enter the price and a sale price if applicable. If not on sale just the regular price is sufficient.


In the Inventory Tab Tick the Manage Stock Check Box. Enter the number of this item you have for sale. If an original and enter 1. This will prevent multiple users trying to purchase the same item.


In the Shipping Tab enter the weight and dimensions in centimeters. This is important for the buyer to know what size item will be shipped and helps with postage estimates.


To add an image of the item select Set Featured Image under Featured Image Heading and upload your image.

If you have more than one image of your item select Add Product Gallery Images under the Product Gallery Heading to add the extra pictures

Then select Submit for Review under the Publish Heading.

If all of the above has been entered and your items comply with our site rules your item will be up for sale within 48hrs on business days. If your item data is incomplete you will receive an email requesting you to update the info prior to the item being published. If no response is received within 7 business days of the email your item will be sent to the trash and you will need to submit again for review.

If you are still having issues uploading your items please email and request assistance.

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