Account Menus Overview

Account Menus

Activity - Post your updates and see all the activity that took place in the community section of Colour In Your Life. You can view everything here, such as member posts, updates, replies and comments and have an option to sort posts that will be shown.

(1) Post updates (2) Choose what updates you want to see on your activity feed (3) Sort your activity feed to All Members, Friends or Mentions

Forums - This is where all the artist can hangout and talk to each other. Any member can comment on a topic or even create their own topic for discussion.

My Profile - View of your account, profile, shop and gallery see My Profile Tabs

My Account - This is where you edit you billing and shipping address

My Shop - Shows you all your For Sale items

My Membership - View Membership Type, Account Information and Past Invoices

Sign up To Our Mailiing List - Email list sign up to receive updates from CIYL

Logout - Logout of your account

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