My Profile Tabs Overview

Activity - Summarizes what took place since you last login. Who you added as friends, when you updated your profile and if you uploaded your artwork. This will be visible to all members

Profile - Your profile shows you your Name (and other basic information)

Notifications - If someone sent you a message or replied to your post, you will be notified and you can check your notifications here

Art Gallery - Here you can see all the artworks you have uploaded. Free accounts are allowed to upload up to 5 gallery item while the Premium account can upload unlimited gallery items

Shop - This is where people can see your For Sale Items. Free accounts are allowed to upload up to 5 Shop items while the Premium account can upload unlimited Shop items

Messages - This is your private message area. You can send private messages to your friends and anyone who is in the CIYL community.

Inbox - Where all your received messages is stored

Starred - Are messages that are important to you and you want to go back to it easily

Sent - Are messages that you sent to other members

Compose - Allows you to write your message and send to another member

Friends - Here you can see all the friends you’ve added and allows you to accept new friendship invites

Groups - You can see your membership to groups and your invitation which you can choose to accept or reject

Forums - This is where all the artist can hangout and talk to each other. Any member can comment on a topic or even create their own topic for discussion. You can view or sort your topics by Topics Started, Replies Created, Favorites, Subscriptions

Settings - The settings tab will allow you to make changes with your account and profile

General Tab - Let’s you change your account password and email address

Email Tab - Let’s you edit how you want to receive email notifications from the website 

Profile Visibility - Shows you how your profile is being shared throughout the website

Delete Account - Allows you to completely delete your account. It will delete all content you have uploaded and cannot be reverted

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