How do I Change my Password?

If you wish to update your security by changing your password, then please login to the Colour In Your Life website under your original login details.

From the Community page, please move your mouse to hover over the ‘Profile’ tab. A drop down menu should appear, and from that please select ‘Edit Profile’.

This will load the page that allows you to change your biography information, your date of birth, web address, contact details etc. On the left hand side of the page should be two tab options, Account Information and Account Details. Please click on ‘Account Details’.

This will load a page displaying your email address and the area where you can reset your password. Please remember after entering your new password to save the page.

Alternatively, if you cannot login to your account at all, or have forgotten your password, please follow this link to reset your password: 

If you’re having any further difficulty please send an email to with your username and the requested password change.

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